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​FvF Tequila SunRise​​

​​​Tequila Was Born May 10th 2017. He is a stunning colt. He would do well in halter, endurance, sport horse. He has long legs tha are nice and straight. Good bone. His sire is 14.2 hands and dam is 15 - 15.1 hands.

​At this time I do not have a video. The pictures I have posted are all the Pictures I have of him at this time. Pictures of sire and dam are posted below.

He is a Purebred Arabian Expressing the W19 gene. One of three White spotting genes that are found in Arabians. This Is why he has pinto like marking. He has soild eyes not blue. If he were to be kept a stud he would pass his W19 gene on to his foals regardless if the dam ahs any white or not, From High white socks to max whites.

He is Priced At
$6500.00 FIRM as a stallion.
​$5000.00 as a gelding

​Price includes FULL reg. Papers with AHA, coggins, health papers, new halter and lead rope.

​If bought as gelding he will be gelded at our farm before leaving for new home.

​I'm offering a payment plan until weaned oct/nov. If need longer payments he must stay until paid for in FULL and board is a extra $100.00 a month.

No horse is able to leave until paid in FULL. Once paid in full all Paper work is signed to transfer to new owner.

More info on The white spotting gene in Arabians is on the about page as well as info on how I do  payments. I can also point you to a shipper to help with shipping if need be (also on about page).

​Click On Pictures beLow to veiw Larger

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​His sire.
Can see more on
stallion Page

His Dam
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​Mare Page